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Chisinau - city, town, metropolis; human, cultural, linguistic conglomerate; aesthetic, unsightly, depressing, attractive composition; wild, inconspicuous, disordered, lost, undefined creature…


Chisinau, capital of Moldova, concrete metropolis in the paradisiac garden of Europe. A beautiful city in its imperfections can attract and repel simultaneously. It can attract by architectural simplicity of residential districts, but at the same time repels by emanating gray. Gray. Rarely its shades, more often one, unnatural, inhuman, washed out of color, hopeless... gray.


Chisinau is an uncompromising city, but apart from the main street Stefan cel Mare si Sfant Boulevard, which is full of glamour of the metropolitan agglomeration, among the colors the city puts on gray, which, as Edi Rama said at a conference in Greek Thessaloniki, is a compromise among colors.


Global rankings are ruthless. Moldovans have been ranked as first in the ranking of the world's saddest peoples for years. Sure, Chisinau is not the whole Moldova, but it should be remembered that quarter of the country's population lives here. The artists' ideas have met with sociological analyzes that clearly tell how intense color can affect the human psyche lots of years ago. Gray is perceived at best as a neutral color. With the economic situation of the country, which can get you into depressive moods, the neutral color on the streets seems to be insufficient.


The city needs a breath of freshness, breathe of this kind of life, which we know from the main street into the whole city. Chisinau must wake up and smile!





The basic assumption of the project is to change the image of the city by carrying out a series of activities:

1. Painting many large-format wall paintings - they would suggest that Chisinau doesn't end on one street, that other spaces have a lot to offer.

2. Warming of overwhelming empty underground passages using vivid color.

3. Action #KeepSmiling 1 - paint the murals located in the lower parts of the building, reaching no more than 3 meters, on which on a white background would appear motivating and stimulating colorful inscriptions, like: "It will be a good day", "You are beautiful" "Keep smiling, you are in Chisinau!"

4. Action #KeepSmiling 2 - stickers - duplicate the subtitles from the action #KeepSmiling 1, in reprints on stickers, which would be placed in public transport, cafes, etc.


To collect funds and publicize project in media, I will take several actions:


1. For one year (180 academic days), from October 1, 2018 to October 1, 2019, I will daily paint miniatures depicting the views from Chişinău. It will be 9 pictures and 16 graphic-drawing forms. Each in the dimensions of 25x25cm. Throughout the entire period I will run a website, act actively in social media, run an account on Instagram and Funpage on Facebook. In addition, every day I will post a coverage of creating drawings and images on YouTube.


2. After completing the first phase of the project, I will go with projects to 16 cities:

- Chisinau

- its partner cities:

- Bucharest in Romania

- Odesa in Ukraine

- Moscow in Russia 

- Tibilisi in Georgia

- and the cultural cities of the VisegradFund Partner countries:

- Łódź in Poland

- Korca in Albania

- Bratislava in Slovakia

- Budapest in Hungary

- Gorlice in Poland

- Włocławek in Poland

- Pristina in Kosovo

- Tirana in Albania

- Podgorica in Montenegro

- Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina

- Baku in Azerbaijan



Maksym Ostrowski (born 1995) – a young artist of visual arts whose main medium is painting, drawing and interdisciplinary projects. A graduate of art education in the field of visual arts in the specialty of theater, film and television techniques on the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Poland. He obtained his diploma in 2017 in three specialties: painting at the Atelier of Image of ProfTit Aleksandra Gieraga, drawing and graphic forms in the Atelier of Designs and Drawing Activities of ProfTit Andrzej Michalik and the scenography in the Atelier of Stage design and Costume of PhD Ewa Bloom-Kwiatkowska. Currently a student of painting at the Academy of Music, Theater and Visual Arts in Chisinau, Moldova, as a holder of the Visegrad Fund Scholarship.


Individual exhibitions:

1. Take a pixel, leave a word, Budapest Cultural Center, 2019, Budapest, Hungary

2. Pieces of Europe in Pieces of Asia, Art Plaza Gallery, 2018, Mumbai, India

3. Pieces of Europe in Pieces of Asia, Karnataka State Art Gallery, 2018, Bengaluru, India

4. Łódź – Tirana – summary of the project, Art Center Poleski, 2018, Łódź, Poland

5. Lodz and Tirana – the parallel of their atributes, – The Cloud in the garden of National Art Gallery of Albania, 2017, Tirana, Albania

6. ŁDZ – TRN – Łódź and Tirana by Maksym Ostrowski, Widzewska Manufaktura Wi-Ma, 2017, Łódź, Poland

7. modulo, Gallery Stara, House of Culture, 2017, Łódź, Poland

8. sequence, Gallery 526, Art Center Poleski, 2017, Łódź, Poland

9. Oxymoron, Gallery „nad Wisłą”, 2016, Toruń, Poland

10. Mia100 Kobro – transmutation of the panorama into/with a woman, Gallery of young art promotion BOK RONDO, 2016, Łódź, Poland


Group exhibitions:

1. Ditët e Mios, Galeria e Arteve, 2019,  Korçë , Albania

2. Prime Stage, Gallery Hol, 2018, Łódź, Poland

3. Ditët e Mios, Galeria e Arteve, 2017, Korçë , Albania

4. Comics, illustration, concept art, Gallery Free Space, 2017, Łódź, Poland

5. New Space, Artur Rubinstein Philharmonic of Łódź, 2017, Łódź, Poland

6. Winners exhibition - Władysław Strzemiński Competition, Art Propaganda Center, 2017, Łódź, Poland

7. One Asia, Gallery Hall, Center of science and arts, 2017, Łódź, Poland

8. Paintings from Atelier of Image, Gallery ASP, 2016, Łódź, Poland

9. Ekoplener 2016, Gallery Free Space, 2016, Łódź, Poland

10. PAINTING AND SCULPTURE. Students for students., Gallery Hol, Center of science and arts, 2016, Łódź, Poland

11. Hommage a Kobro, Gallery Hall, Center of science and arts, 2016, Łódź, Poland

12. Around the drawing, Gallery ASP, 2016, Łódź, Poland

13. Winners exhibition - Władysław Strzemiński Competition, Art Propaganda Center, 2016, Łódź, Poland

14. Scenography, Gallery ASP, 2016, Łódź, Poland

15. Winners exhibition - Chopin in the eyes of young artists, Museum of Fryderyk Chopin, 2016, Warsaw, Poland

16.Areas of painting, Gallery of young art promotion BOK RONDO, 2015, Łódź, Poland


happy people = happy city

happy city = interesting city

interesting city = arrival of tourists

arrival of tourists = breath of life in the dying economy of the country


The easiest way to do this is to paint the city, give it a new spirit, colorful spirit, and initiate several artistic and social initiatives. You can read about this in the category PROJECT.

In each of them I would show 180 paintings / drawings, which would be put up for sale for symbolic amounts of money. The entire amount of money collected from the sale of paintings / drawings would be used to change the image of Chisinau. Such action would illustrate how beautiful international community we are.



4. Another artistic and promotional action would be to make two Video-Art works. The first of them would consist of shots depicting various parts of Chişinău, but focused mainly on district with post-soviet multi-family buildings, such as Botanica. After shooting and editing the film, each frame would be devoid of colors and transformed into something like a page from coloring book. After preparing all of the frames, I would organize an exhibition in Chisinau, where the inhabitants - adults and children from the invited schools - would give Chisinau new colors. After editing the film, we would again see Chisinau radiating in color. The action would be called #Let'sColorChisinau.


The starting point for the creation of the next Video-Art would be the music of the city, created on the basis of previously recorded sounds from the city. The painting would be a pulsating conglomeration of Chisinau's reality.


5. The whole project would be supplemented by an appropriate publication, the content layer of which would be a theory of colors in psychological terms, combined with the theories of outstanding artists and theoreticians transferred to the urban layout of Chisinau. In addition, I would like to carry out social research in Chişinău twice, based on the questionnaire of residents - before and after realization of the project. This would help in the unequivocal assessment of bringing the effects of changing the face of the city in the view of residents.


Artistic symposiums :

1. Ditët e Mios, 2019, Korçë, Albania

2. The 12th International Open Air of Wicker Forms and Land Art - Identity, 2019, Łódź, Poland

3. Filmfestival Max-Ophüls-Preis, 2018, Saarbrücken, Germany

4. Ditët e Mios, 2017, Korçë, Albania

5. The 12th International Open Air of Wicker Forms and Land Art, 2017, Łódź, Poland

6. One Asia, 2017, Łódź, Polska



1. Visegrad Performing Art Residency in Budapest Cultural Center, 2019

2. Visegrad Scholarship Programme by Visegrad Fund, 2018

3. Artistic scholarship of Marshal of Lodz Voivodeship as a young artist for the project “The influence of the aesthetic, artistic, cultural and historical values of the city on the quality of life of the inhabitants. Study of relationships on the example of Lodz and Tirana”, 2017



1. Distinction of Rector of the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź - The 12th International Open Air of Wicker Forms and Land Art, 2017

2. In the 34th Competition of Władysław Strzemiński - Fine Arts - award of the quarterly Arterie, 2017

3. In the 33th Competition of Władysław Strzemiński - Fine Art – awards of: - the quarterly Kalejdoskop - Gallery 526 - Art Center RYBA - House of Culture in Łódź, 2016


Film projects:

Project and implementation of stage design for the film Nicotine, directed by Ewa Wikiel, realized as part of the cooperation of the Leon Schiller State Higher School of Film, Television and Theater in Łódź and Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie in Berlin


Reproductions of works in publications:

1. Arterie, nr 1/2017, ISSN 1898-584X

2. Kalejdoskop, nr 7/8 2016, nr ind. 323489, ISSN 0860-3057

3. Pracownia Obrazu, 2016, ISBN 978-83-63141-75-2

4. My individual publication “The influence of the aesthetic, artistic, cultural and historical values of the city on the quality of life of the inhabitants. Study of relationships on the example of Lodz and Tirana”, issued thanks to Artistic scholarship of Marshal of Lodz Voivodeship


Works in collections:

1. Museum of Fryderyk Chopin in Warsaw – triptych Chopin in popculture

2. Gallery of Art in Korçë (Albania) – diptych Panorama Korçë

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Armeneaesca Street 40/14

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31 August 1989 Street 137

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